Scott Street

Scott Street

Scott Street

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Hyde Build




Willem-Dirk du Toit


A ‘box in the back’ is a simple, economical approach that can be responsive and beautiful.

Located in Melbourne’s Caulfield. This project was built in two stages with five years between work undertaken. The first stage involved the refurb and fit out of the original home; the most recent work involved a two storey extension incorporating a family room and two new bedrooms to better accomodate the client’s growing family and visiting relatives.

The extension box is built from second hand clinker and red bricks with patterning to echo the texture found on the original. Windows frame lush neighbouring trees with industrial mesh panels providing shade. Consistent materials run thorough the interior of the old and new with a bamboo threshold providing visual delineation and spatial zoning.


Original Entry and Threshold to Extension
Bamboo sheeting marks the transition between spaces

The timber platform acts as landing, seating and storage in the new living space


Stair Void
Acoustic lining isolates the upstairs bedrooms

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