Farnham Street

Farnham Street

Farnham Street

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Willem-Dirk du Toit

Natalie James


Farnham is home to illustrator Beck, her builder partner and their three young children. The clients engaged Foomann to design an extension to their brick home, with a kitchen, dining and living area downstairs and study or guest room upstairs. This compact extension offers a relaxed, robust interior with varied spaces, natural light, outdoor connections and views throughout.

Foomannimation by Isobel Knowles

Entry Sequence
The entry is now located in the addition and is accessed via a landscaped garden path along the side of the house. The fluoro-pink spray paint and pops of other bright colours reflect the clients’ sense of playfulness and fun. The entry passage offers a view to the spiral staircase and light-filled courtyard beyond.

The spiral stair and open shelves maintain the sense of light and openness alongside the courtyard.

A void over the family room brings light into the space and creates a greater sense of spaciousness. Timber detailing around the void provides texture and warmth particularly when illuminated at night.

Back Reveal
A concrete reveal frames the large glass doors, bringing northern light into the living area and connecting the interior to the outside. This reveal provides a garden seat and eave to block the summer sun, as well as rebates for blinds and an operable flyscreen.

Void Glazing
High-level glazing to the east bathes the kitchen and dining area in natural light, with an open pane to purge warm air

The Grey Tundra benchtop is textural enough to withstand the daily use of three children. The pantry is contained within oak veneer joinery along the side of the room with full-length tapered vertical pulls



The timber-clad first-floor addition contains a study/guest room and encases the void above the family room. Brick on the ground floor and timber-clad on the first floor, with greenery helping to settle the new buildings in their environment.

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