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Amess Street

Amess Street

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This Carlton North house has been home to the client since her birth. A previous renovation to the Edwardian, heritage home was completed in the 1970s by the client’s father who used many reclaimed pieces, mostly from decommissioned trains and stations, and hand built the kitchen.

The renovation features a number of twice-reclaimed items including stained glass french doors to the pantry, double hung timber window and pendant lights, plus recycled bricks and bowling alley timber used for the dining table and stair.

Seeking longevity underpinned our selection of robust materials with timeless natural colourings. The recycled red bricks and honed granite benchtop were chosen to provide exceedingly hard-wearing surfaces. The bamboo board is durable with good environmental credentials with a finish that will help mask dents and scratches.


Vintage Details
The house contains elements reclaimed from the exisiting home – many which were originally found on a decommissioned train in the 1970s.

This idiosyncratic kitchen uses joinery pulls made by the client’s father in the 1970s

Recycled reds bricks mitigate the distinction between old and new.

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